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Fantasy Fashion Styles; Avant Garde is Theatrical and Flamboyant

Avant Garde fantasy fashion styles are an artistic rebellion (reaction) against existing political, social systems and traditional styles…experimental art in fashion. 

Just as Bohemian styles have surged in popularity as global banking and government corruption becomes headline news…

Bohemian style trends represent another form of “fantasy” fashion …worn by rebels of existing traditional styles…as a social comment of rejection of existing political systems and traditions…

Both Avant Garde and Bohemian fashion styles rely on theatrical and flamboyant edginess…Avant Garde is isolated by its structural qualities of experimentalism…white Bohemian styles relies on mix and match deconstruction of traditional fashion styles and a rejection of restriction of the traditional systems…

Fighting Traditional Fashion Styles and More fashion fantasy photos and content by J. Ronald Reed, click here…Follow Me>

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